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Neu mit Kalenderjahr 2019
SCALARVIS mit Dashboard-Designe – individuell für alle Branchen einsetzbar:

Die Ansammlung von Daten in Informationen umwandeln und modernst darstellen - so kann SCALARVIS für Ihr Unternehmen zu einem strategischen Tool werden.

Mit SCALARVIS lassen sich verschiedenste Kennzahlen ermitteln und Ergebnisse darstellen – ob in einer Dashboard-Ansicht oder als Trend (Kurvendarstellung).

  • Soll-Ist-Vergleiche
  • Spitzenwerte (Tages-, Wochen-, Monats- und Jahresspitzen)
  • Durchschnittsverbräuche (Tages-, Wochen-, Monats- und Jahresverbräuche)
  • Produktions-, Stillstands- und Ausfallzeiten (Gegenüberstellung)
  • Alarmhäufigkeiten
  • Absetzen von SMS an definierte User
  • Reporting (Tages-, Wochen-, Monats- und Jahresberichte)

Neu mit Kalenderjahr 2018
SCALARVIS neu mit SQL Datenbank

Unsere Datendrehscheibe wurde um eine weitere Datenbank erweitert. Ab sofort können Sie ihre Anlagendaten über externe SQL-Abfragen externer Applikationen auslesen und weiter verarbeiten.


Neu mit Kalenderjahr 2018
Die SCALARVIS-Systemfamilie hat weiteren Zuwachs bekommen – der SCALARVIS IoTcollector (Datensammler):

Industrie 4.0 und IoT stellen immer höhere Anforderungen an die Vernetzung und Kommunikation.
Mit dem SCALARVIS IoTcollector ist es uns gelungen eine perfekt auf ihre Anlagen abgestimmte Lösung anzubieten.
Der IoTcollector bietet Ihnen verschiedenste Möglichkeiten um ihre Anlagendaten zu sammeln.

News und Infos

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New in calendar year 2017
SCALARVIS EXCEL AddIn Release for Office 2016

SCALARVIS is the tailor-made solution for a data hub - for collecting and evaluating production data. The online availability and evaluation in Office applications is a significant added value. As part of improvement measures, existing EXCEL add-ins with Microsoft Office 2016 were tested for functionality and released.

New at the beginning of 2016
Web-Client Interface Release 3 for SCALARVIS

The Release 3 of the Scalarvis web interface client has been completely reworked. The modern user interface with the diagram presentation completely redesigned: With the latest function of dynamic zooming, shifting and printing of graph data, are now available. The Flowsheet editor supports more image formats. The Flowsheet editor, used to configure the plant displays and overviews, is included in the standard software package. Also the new version runs on all the current common browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Internet-Explorer. No client-side software installation is needed. The WEB-Client integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. The new WEB-Client is well-suited, for Internet and Intranet users, to be use in the areas of Planet service, Energy management, Reporting, On-call service, etc…

New at the beginning of 2012

Data tracking is playing an increasingly important role, and in the future SCALARVIS is intended to ensure reliable operational information as the basis for everyday decisions, and the further development of the SCALARVIS system has not stopped. Another application of the "Scalarvis BlackBox" is characterized by the monitoring of solar systems. With the proven visualization tools via WEB-Client and Excel-AddIn with NET technology you have your measured values and data in view around the clock, can evaluate and download them. Even via the SVNetClass interface, individual solutions can be created in the NET environment that allow access to all structures and data of the SCALARVIS system.

New at the beginning of 2010
The Scalarvis family of systems has grown - the Scalarvis BlackBox:

Scalarvis has been fully implemented and available since January 2010 based on embedded systems. This combines the advantages of the robust data management system with the robustness and flexibility of the new computer technology. The new member integrates seamlessly into the previous system structure - proven visualization tools such as WEB client, Professional client, EXCEL add-in and the administration toolbox are available in proven functionality. The application focus of the new system is the monitoring of small and locally distributed systems: energy meter connection (electricity, water, ...), environmental technology (sewage treatment plants, sewer systems), biogas plants, CHPs, turbines. Particularly advantageous is the simple way to consolidate the data of multiple BlackBox systems on a central server and thus consistently compare and evaluate.

Scalarvis with new WEB interface

With the release 2, the Scalarvis WEB client has been completely redesigned. Together with the handy and modern user interface, the diagram presentation has been completely redesigned: functions such as zooming and shifting are now available here. The flowchart editor for configuration of plant pictures and overviews is now included as standard in the scope of delivery. The new version also works completely without applets and supports all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. Software installation on the client side is not necessary - the WEB client integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure. Thus, the new WEB client is predestined for Internet and Intranet users in the area of plant service, reporting, standby services, etc.

Your benefits

  • Open-system, fast and seamless integration of production and process data from all current control systems
  • Integration of process data (e.g. to establish key performance indicators)
  • Long-term archiving and analysing of all process parameters (f.e. batch management, traceability).
    Current benchmark is at 80 million values per day


The following drawing provides a general view of the Scalarvis architecture. For more detailed information please click on one of the submenus.

Data Storage and Integration

Online data coupling via

  • all tried and tested interfaces too PLS and PLC systems, such as OPC (all manufacturers), DDE, SYSLINK (ABB), CONLINK (ABB), RK512 (Siemens), MPI (Siemens), NV.24 (Siemens)
  • most industrial bus systems, such as: Modbus, Interbus, M-Bus, Profibus-DP, U1600 (GMC)
  • "intelligent" energy sensors, such as electricity meters, water meters, heat meters, flow meters, ... many well-known manufacturers (Elster, Hydrometer, Danfoss, DZG, Siemens, ...)
  • other process data management systems such as PI (OSI-Soft), InfoPlus21 (Aspentec), etc.
  • Scalarvis link for SAP / R3 to SAP
  • over EcoXpert
  • customized interfaces

Data archiving with scalable archiving parameters, such as

  • Archiving cycles, archive life, archiving parameters, ...
  • Management of distributed archive systems

Fully transparent archive data compression via the server operating system


Administration - as little as necessary

  • user profiles and rights on TAG and parameter set level
  • explicitly grant read and write access

Mathematics - as much as possible

  • extensive function library included: read/write measurement value, mathematical basic operations, min/max detection, alerting, switch, filtering, meter, manual input, fuzzy-operators, ...
  • user definable calculi to be integrated through formula-TAG

Integration - as much as useful

  • Without explicitly duplicating, data from external sources - like LIMS-database systems - may be integrated through TAGs and are available to the Scalarvis client modules


Competent client including extensive chart functionality

  • xt-chart with physically scaled y-scales
  • xy-chart for a fast display of correlations
  • Deployment chart
  • Comparative chart for a comparison of start-up processes or batch procedures
  • Excess availability diagram to monitor the limits as defined in the contract

Flow chart for fast information access

  • graphical view of process data
  • switch display between current and stored values
  • ideal supplement to a control system (PLC)

EXCEL-AddIn for a high flexibility in display and analysis

  • Fully integrated into MS Excel
  • Simultaneous connection to a number of Scalarvis servers
  • Display of current and archived value
  • Compact read-out (min/max, average...)
  • TAG attributes available (description, scaling, unit...)

Reliable visualisation and "top-down" analysis

  • Overview of energy supply
  • Detailed view of energy supply - focusing on either media or consumer
  • Peak analyser for quick analyses
  • "one-click" report after importing to EXCEL
  • Basis for documentation and calculation with regard to CO2 certificates


Be up-to-date always and everywhere

  • Visualisation on the WWW through all current Internet browsers (MS IE, Netscape, Opera, Firefox) without the need to install additional software or applets...

Showing profile

  • Configurable user menus - adapted to the particular user
  • In line with the user-specific access rights and parameter sets of the default client
  • Data export using pre-defined mail accounts

Consistent and reliable

  • Access to the original process data of your Scalarvis system
  • Use of original chart parameter sets
  • Display of original flow charts for your process via browser

Visit our Scalarvis test system to view a short demonstration of Scalarvis@WEB

Process Data Management

The potential:

Increasing the quality of the products and optimizing the cost of production processes require fast, seamless and needs-based access to all relevant process data.Different questions require correspondingly adapted data content.So-called "Key Performance Indicators" (KPIs) allow a quick overview of the entire production for the management.Time-related representations enable a detailed single analysis of process parameters for the development even after years.

The solution:

The tailor-made data and information hub

  • Online recording of process and laboratory data from all standard control and management systems using sophisticated and tested interfaces
  • Long-term archiving of your process data - even over many years
  • Integrated connection of database-based systems, such as LIMS
  • Online data synchronization between plants and / or production sites
  • Data visualization using powerful client software
  • Online data availability in office applications (EXCEL) and on the Internet (Scalarvis@WEB)
  • Integration of distributed process data (EcoXpert)

Energy management

The potential:

Increased efficiency and further cost optimization of industrial production processes require, on the one hand, a holistic view of the entire manufacturing process with its variety of technical and logistical constraints. On the other hand, today and in the future, well-founded decisions must increasingly take into account the energy required for production and infrastructure.

Keywords in this context are:

  • Variable load and tariff situations (keywords: Power price, working price) 
  • Choice of energy sources
  • Efficient use of the energy provided
  • Comprehensible offsetting of energy costs
  • Documentation and calculation base with regard to CO2 certificates

The information provided by Scalarvis online and the resulting balancing over networks and / or time allow the complex relationships to be analyzed and presented quickly. Based on this, measures for the efficient use of energy and savings can be made. On such a basis, typically savings of 2-5% of energy use can be achieved.

The solution:

The tailor made energy data hub

  • Online recording of energy data from all standard control and control systems, bus systems and measuring instruments using sophisticated and tested interfaces forms the central consolidated basis
  • Long-term archiving of your energy data - even over many years - allows long-term trend recognition: the ideal basis for load and consumption forecasts
  • Balancing your energy networks enables online leak detection
  • Online data synchronization between plants and / or production sites enables the contractual optimization of energy procurement through bundling effects
  • Online data visualization using powerful client software with many proven functions allows fast "top / down" navigation even in large networks
  • Online data availability in office applications (EXCEL) and on the Internet (Scalarvis@WEB)