Your benefits

  • Reduction of machine-down-time and repair-time
  • Structurizing and clean-up of the volume of alarms and events
  • Increasing the productivity of the plant
  • Increasing product-quality
  • Process-Optimization

Brief Description

EventXpert - the Recording- and Management system for Messages and Events from PLC- and DCS-systems

Based upon its flexibility it is perfectly applicable in chemical industry, environmental technology, energy and assembly industry


  • online-monitoring and recording of messages and events
  • online-monitoring and recording of status signals in DCS
  • archiving of monitored events in an SQL-database (MS-SQL-Server)
  • wide range of analysis-tools within a wide range of criterias


  • easy adaption of reports according to customer‘s requirements
  • independent of DCS/PLC-supplier
  • supports a wide range of DCS/PLS-systems: (Siemens S7, WinCC, PCS7, ABB Freelance, …)
  • interfaces adaptable to customer‘s requirements


  • Longterm-documentation of messages and events from DCS/PLC-systems
  • Data-base for detailed analysis and -comparison
  • Localising of failures and weak points in technical units
  • Structurizing and Reducing of the volume of alarms and events
  • In-time-recognition of deterioration phenomena